Located at the heart of the museum, the auditorium seats 224 people, with a step-free area for mobility-impaired visitors.

  • The stage is equipped with a lectern and an excellent concert piano. Technical production facilities allow for the projection of computer programmes and video in High Definition onto a giant screen.
  • An HD video camera means that the speaker can be projected onto the large screen, as well as offering the opportunity to record the event on DVD.
  • The Bose sound system, along with the acoustics of the room, provide excellent sound quality both in lecture configuration (with desk and/or hands free microphones) and in acoustic concert configuration.
  • An interpreter’s booth means that simultaneous translations can be offered.
  • Dressing rooms with separate male/female toilets and showers are located in a private area, with their own access to the stage.

Information and reservations:
+33 (0)3 88 64 79 22 /